Trusted whole-genome management service

You deserve full access to your own genome. Then you decide how, when, and with whom you grant privileges on your genomic information. Let us have this future come true.

Hidden jewels within the 3-billion bases

Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) covers everything in the human genome. It identifies far more clues that may be responsible for diverse human diseases than other genetic tests can do. This non-targeted, “catch-all” approach is particularly powerful against rare diseases, in the diagnosis of which remain challenges when physicians cannot call to mind any disease name that explains their patients’ signs and symptoms as well as general test results. Scientists also believe that the clues WGS provides to us lead to target identification in drug discovery, such as new causative genes.

Your genome, safe and secure

Our Personal Data Bank (PDBank) ™ manages the status of your informed consent about data usage for any study or activity you participate in, while appropriately protecting your genomic information in our secure cloud storage. PDBank adheres to high standards based on its TPDMS*-compliant architecture, which means your most-valuable personal information is handled with the utmost care and sensitivity.

*Trusted personal data management service (TPDMS) is a Japanese government-backed certification scheme. It suggests a data-sharing framework and structure among industry members, governments, and civil society, by ensuring reliability from individuals.


Collaborations in rare diseases research

We strive to execute a proof of concept for a socially-demanded ecosystem tackling rare diseases. Every effort is being made to make our research findings materialize into intellectual property and unique datasets, whether private or common, that further help drive the drug discovery and development pipelines with the greater pharma community and supporting organizations.


Consultancy for industry and academia

Our trusted whole-genome management service is ideal for those who want sequence data from patients/individuals but have few resources available. We offer support to, or collect the data on behalf of, any qualified public or private entities that comply with the regulations and guidelines. The collected data will be anonymized and available for their use.

Our service offerings
  • Documentation
  • Ethics procedures
  • Outreach to patients
    • Electronic informed consent
    • Sample collection
  • Genomic analysis
  • Data storage and management, powered by Personal Data Bank (PDBank) ™

Our service offerings are compliant with the Japanese ethics guidelines updated in 2021: Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Biological Research Involving Human Subjects.


We welcome future partners and clients—please write to us using the contact form with your queries/suggestions, and we will get back to you.

Our strategic areas:

  • Collaborations
    in rare diseases
  • Consultancy
    for industry
    and academia